'Nice Covers' is a collection of bookcovers curated by Hans. Whoever said you shouldn’t judge books by its cover was clearly wrong.

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I don’t own any of the rights on these covers.

'Dune' by Frank Herbert

'Our First Book' by Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren


'De Buitenjongen' by Paolo Cognetti

'The Pisces' by Melissa Broder

'Industrial Facility' by Sam Hecht

'A Map of the World'

'Pale Horse Rider' by Mark Jacobson

'Clara Voyant' by Rachelle Delaney

'The Wild Robot' by Peter Brown

'Mislaid; by Nell Zink

'A Cop's Eyes' by Gaku Yakumaru

'Issun Boshi'

'Sal' by Mick Kitson

'Death of a Sea Devil' by Fay Weldon

'Nomadic Homes' by Philip Jodidio

'The Eight Mountains' by Paolo Cognetti

'Draaideur' by Katja Lange-Müller

'November 1916' by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

'The Room' by Jonas Karlsson

'Imperium' by Christian Kracht

'Salad for President' by Julia Sherman

'Mere Science and Christian Faith' by Greg Cootsona

'Danubia' by Simon Winder

'Shugoro Yamamoto Prize' by Miyabe Kasha Miyuki

'The Stargazer's Sister' by Carrie Brown

'Sunshine State' by Sarah Gerard

'The Book of Disquiet' by Fernando Pessoa

'To Die in Spring' by Ralf Rothmann

'Universal Harvester' by John Darnielle

'Refuge' by Dina Nayeri

'Feel Free' by Zadie Smith

'The Afterlives' by Thomas Pierce

'The Immortalist' by Chloe Benjamin

'Sushi Chef Sukiyabashi Jiro' by Shinzo Satomi

'Act of God' by Jill Ciment

'Is shame necessary?' by Jennifer Jacquet

'Ten things I've learnt about love' by Sarah Butler

'New York' by The Monocle Travel Guide Series

‘The night ocean’ by Paul la Farge

‘Retablos Contemporaneos’ by Inigo Aragon

'The Fall' by Albert Camus

'Shortlist Amsterdam' by Famke and Floor van Praag

'Brave New World' by Huxley

'The Martian' by Andy Weir

'Dark Matter' by Blake Crouch

'Invisible Streets' by Toby Ball

'A death in summer' by Benjamin Black

'Voices in the Night' by Steven Millhauser

'Snappers' by Brian Kimberling