My name is Hans,
a designer from Rotterdam, currently working at Supersteil, TamTam, a friend of mine, DOOR.
Clients I worked for include Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Chocomel, Volkswagen, North Sea Jazz festival, Pathé & Philips.

My work has been awarded with 6 Google Lovie Awards, a Webby Award and a Red Dot Award.

In my spare time i like to travel and take photos along the way. Other interests are interior design and plants, reading a good thriller, visiting a museum and I have been playing video games since the age of 6. I also collect bookcovers.

You can reach out to me through email, see small design snippets on my Dribbble or follow me on Instagram.
For North Sea Jazz Festival we created a platform where artists who would perform that year, could tell their story from the start of their career till famedom. This project has been awarded with a Google Lovie Award in 2016.
We created a digital canvas where you follow the lines of Mondriaan and while doing so, discover his life and art. This project has been awarded with 6 Google Lovie Awards in 2017 and a Webby + Red Dot Award in 2018.
Tax & Customs Museum
For the Tax & Customs Museum we’re currently developing an AR app for high schoolers. The app allows you to deconstruct the European Union to see what this would imply for you as an Eurpean citizen.
Awards & Recognitions
I only exist on the internet but luckily you can reach me through email. If you want to see small design snippets of my work then checkout my Dribbble. You can stalk me on Instagram. That's all folks!